Fairmount Wildlife Management Area

Site Description

  • State: Maryland
  • County: Somerset
  • Ownership: State


  • Fairmount East: 184 acres
  • Fairmount West: 132 acres
  • Fairmount North 1: 12 acres
  • Fairmount North 2: 18 acres

Ecology and Management

Fairmount WMA is managed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and located in Somerset County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. There are two main impoundments at the site; the 184 acre East Impoundment and 130 acre West Impoundment. Two additional impoundments, currently overgrown and unused occur to the north of Fairmount West. There are no official data on the wildlife present at the site, but eBird lists 140 species observed at the East Impoundment and 90 species at the West Impoundment. Notable high counts for the impoundments include over 1,000 Dunlin and nearly 3,000 Green Winged Teal.

The impoundments are managed for the production of submerged aquatic vegetation.


The dikes at Fairmount WMA are only 2 feet above MHW and are extremely vulnerable to the effects of sea-level rise and coastal storms. There are also problems with muskrat burrows causing small collapses in the dikes.

Human Value

The site is used mostly by hunters as well as some birders and crabbers.

Literature Resources

Below is a list of articles describing research occurring at or near the impoundments: