Taylor’s Gut

Site Description

  • State: Delaware
  • County: Kent
  • Ownership: State


  • Taylor’s Gut: 131 acres

Ecology and Management

Taylor’s Gut is a freshwater impoundment located just north of Bombay Hook NWR in central Delaware. Ownership is mixed between private landowners and the Delaware Division of Fish of Wildlife (Woodland Beach State Wildlife Area). The site is managed primarily to support waterfowl in winter and shorebirds during the spring. According to eBird, 215 species have been observed at the site.


Taylor’s Gut has experienced repeated damage from coastal storms and the dike surrounding the water control structure has been severely eroded. The state will be replacing the water control structure to enhance the resilience of this site to the impacts of climate change.

Human Value

There is no visitor use data for Taylor’s Gut, but the Delaware Fish and Wildlife owned Aquatic Resource Education Center borders the site and a provides environmental education opportunities for students and teachers.

Literature Resources

Below is a list of articles describing research occurring at or near the impoundment:
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